Source & Catchments

With ever increasing human and climate-related pressures on our precious water resources, sustainable management of our source waters and their catchments is crucial to enhancing our resilience as well as supporting the environment, economy, and health of our communities. Recent catchment management challenges experienced by our Members have ranged from changes to land use, urbanisation, population growth, and climate-related events. Degraded catchments place human and animal populations at risk and place additional pressures on water utilities to maintain the same level of water quality and service.

Our WaterRA Source and Catchments research projects aim to understand and inform the enhancement of a water supply within a catchment management area and the streams, rivers, dams, reservoirs, lakes, and boreholes within it. Stormwater harvesting systems in rural and remote areas that return water to a natural water body are also part of this catchment. As catchments play a huge role in enhancing liveability, the consideration of water and its use by the community for non-drinking purposes (e.g., recreation, commercial fishing, etc.) is also a research consideration.

Working with our members, WaterRA projects inform the ultimate enhancement of water bodies and their environment.

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Source and Catchments

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Catchment health metrics are physical, chemical, biological, and socioeconomic indicators that collectively provide a holistic measure of a catchment’s state and functional capacity…