• Project No 4545
  • Project Name Identification and characterisation of unpleasant taste/odour chemicals in raw water for informed risk management
  • Lead Organisation Sydney Water
  • Research Lead UNSW Sydney

Project Description

The Australian water industry is currently focused on two VOCs, namely geosmin and MIB, which release an earthy-musty smell. Microorganisms that live in source water or within water distribution pipes are known to produce other unpleasant VOCs. This project intends to detect and quantify taste and odour (T&O) chemicals beyond geosmin and MIB in source water through chemical and sensory analysis. Project aims to identify and/or semi-quantify these unknown VOCs in source water and develop T&O wheel specific to NSW source water. The project also anticipates developing a risk indicator database for different T&O chemicals.

Thesis underway.