About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading source of water science and wisdom for healthy communities and healthy planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver collaborative water research, innovation and capability building that supports public health and safeguards the sustainability of our water resources.

Our Values

Member-focussed | Integrity | Teamwork | Initiative | Agility | Results-driven


The WaterRA Way

Collaboration is at the heart of WaterRA. Using this approach, we combine expertise and resources from utilities, universities, government agencies, laboratories and private companies to  create trusted, timely and actionable water research and solutions.

Through our highly experienced Research Managers we work with our members to identify, prioritise, fund, manage, and communicate research and innovation that address the most pressing needs and challenges of the water sector in an integrated manner. Once the research is complete, we continue to maximise impact through knowledge transfer and translation.

Our approach leverages investments, mitigates risk, and taps into a body of knowledge that ensures the evidence-based decision making.

Our ESG Commitment

WaterRA is committed to using ESG principles to guide our actions and decisions. Only by applying ESG principles can we truly achieve our vision of being the leading source of water wisdom for healthy communities and a healthy planet.

Our Objectives

Catalyse Value from Research

Co-design and deliver with our BIG team, high quality research that is trusted, timely, aligned to sector priorities and ready for adoption


Drive and measure value creation at every step of the research life-cycle from ideation to innovation and impact


Stimulate and facilitate game-changing research based on foresight and novel and innovative approaches

Strengthen our BIG Team

Grow both membership participation and breadth so we have the capacity and capability to anticipate and address our sector’s evolving challenges and opportunities


Forge strong and diverse networks, and enable engagement between researchers and industry, so that the BIG team is united by trust and common purpose


Nurture our staff and create a high performing BIG team through empowerment, inclusivity, skills development, career opportunities, and a focus on wellbeing

Endure & Thrive in a Dynamic World

Ensure our business model is attractive and has flexibility to meet evolving member needs


Refine our business processes and platforms, ensuring they are fit-for-future, user-friendly and member-accessible


Diversify our revenue base in order to increase our financial sustainability and enhance members’ leverage of their investment

Who are WaterRA Members

Australian water utilities and authorities
Local, state and federal government agencies
Universities and research organisations
Laboratories and water testing companies
Specialist consultants
Consulting and advisory companies






Private Companies





Our History

The origins of WaterRA date back 20 years to the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Quality and Treatment (CRC WQT). WaterRA and its predecessor organisations represent a unique, long-standing and collaborative partnership model that benefits all sectors of the Australian water industry and the community.

The CRC WQT ran for 14 years over two funding terms from 1995 – 2008. The CRC WQT grew into a well-supported, diverse Australian industry/research network – that also built enduring partnerships with international organisations in many countries facing similar water issues…

Our Governance

WaterRA is governed by our Board of Directors and associated sub-committees who are from, and represent, our members in-line with our Constitution, Members’ Agreement and corporate policies.

We also have additional Advisory Committees and Steering Groups to ensure a diverse range of skills, expertise and experience is bought to decisions we make for the benefit of our members.

Our Performance

WaterRA is committed to performing year-on-year for our members. Take a look at our results, past and present, by viewing our Annual Reports and Financial Statements.