• Project No 1033
  • Project Name Optimising conventional treatment for the removal of cyanobacteria and their toxins
  • Lead Organisation SA Water
  • Research Lead AWQC
  • Main Researcher Gayle Newcombe
  • Completion Year 2015

Project Description

Cyanobacterial blooms in surface waters are a source of cells, taste and odour compounds, and a range of toxins. This research optimised treatment processes for the removal and control of cyanobacteria and their metabolites from a range of source waters. It was concluded that pre-chlorination is not advisable when cyanobacteria are present, but that in some situation’s potassium permanganate is a viable alternative. Although all three tested coagulants; ferric chloride, aluminium chlorohydrate and aluminium sulphate (alum) removed 90 to 95% of cells, alum at pH 6.3 was the most cost-effective. Maintaining pH > 6 reduced cell lysis and metabolite release. Since cyanobacteria in sludge remained viable for 2-3 weeks it was recommended that sludge detention in the clarifiers should be minimised.