• Project No 2051
  • Project Name Saving Nemo: Reducing animal use in toxicity assessments of wastewater
  • Lead Organisation Water Research Australia
  • Research Lead Griffith University
  • Main Researcher Fred Leusch

Project Description

Every day, Australians produce ~5 billion litres of wastewater, which contains a cocktail of chemicals. Industries that discharge wastewater are required to assess chemical risks to the receiving environments by conducting whole animal direct toxicity assessments (DTAs), which are expensive and pose an ethical dilemma. Our preliminary research shows that new in vitro bioassays provide an ethical and cost effective alternative that could be incorporated into DTA programs if their ecological relevance can be demonstrated. This project will develop and validate a new and internationally significant suite of in vitro bioassays for incorporation into DTA programs, leading to more ethical, cost effective and improved environmental protection.