Water Research Australia successfully held a ‘Know Your Neighbour’ (KYN) event in Melbourne, on 19th March, showcasing its commitment to encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange within the water industry.

The event also served as a platform for WaterRA members to network and engage with peers, sharing insights and innovative solutions to Australia’s water challenges.

This year’s KYN event coincided with WaterRA’s hosting of the Board of the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) in Melbourne during the same week. Members of the GWRC Board were present at the KYN event, networking with WaterRA members and gaining valuable insights into the local water industry.

The GWRC Board participated in numerous activities in Melbourne which were instrumental in enhancing their understanding of Australia’s water landscape and the efforts being undertaken to solve water-related issues. This collaborative effort highlights the importance of knowledge-sharing and global partnerships in addressing water challenges on a broader scale.

WaterRA Chair Mark Gobbie emphasised the significance of its collaboration with GWRC, saying that such partnerships enable mutual learning, exchange of best practices, and insights into emerging trends and innovative technologies across the world. By leveraging these collaborations, both organisations aim to develop research initiatives that benefit the water industry globally and enhance community resilience against future water-related challenges.

This week’s activities signify a significant step forward in advancing collaborative research efforts and fostering a more sustainable future for the global water industry.

The KYN also included the presenting of the 2024 Nancy Millis Memorial Award and the 2024 Michael R. Moore Memorial Award, both awarded annually to a WaterRA students that have demonstrated initiative, leadership and a passion for research. Click here to read more about this year’s winners.

Click here to view photos from the Know Your Neighbour event in Melbourne.