• Project No 2073
  • Project Name Upcycling of biosolids into biochar as a win-win-win for environment, economy and community
  • Lead Organisation Sydney Water
  • Research Lead RMIT University

Project Description

Biochar production from pyrolysis/gasification and its use as increasing soil carbon has been discussed as one of the most suitable low emissions technologies. The Australian Government has identified increasing soil carbon as one of the major options to combat climate change. However, their socio-economic-environmental benefits are yet to be quantified in Australian as well as in a global context to realise potential of adopting biosolids to biochar route. Biochar for different applications will require different physcio-chemical properties such as functional groups, surface area, pH and cation exchange capacity. This project will develop factsheets around biosolids derived biochar for different applications (highlighting the requirement of specific physico-chemical properties) and develop an opinion based review article.