• Project No 4113
  • Project Name Bayesian belief modelling of pathogen health risks associated with indirect stormwater reuse
  • Lead Organisation Seqwater
  • Research Lead Griffith University
  • Main Researcher Dean Albert Mensinga
  • Completion Year 2019

Project Description

Growing populations and climate change place increased pressures on our water supplies. Stormwater harvesting and reuse offers a potential option to augment traditional water resources. Before it can be utilised within a given context, however, its safety must be established. This project developed a Bayesian Belief Network (BBN) model representing pathogen sources and treatment barriers within a proposed stormwater harvesting scheme. The BBN can utilise a range of data sources and be constantly updated to assist managers to engage effectively with stakeholders and identify the most appropriate combination of risk management strategies available to them.

Honours Thesis completed by Dean Albert Mensinga in October 2019.