• Project No 4961
  • Project Name Investigations into co-hydrothermal treatment of sewage sludge
  • Lead Organisation Water Research Australia
  • Research Lead RMIT University
  • Main Researcher Kamrun Nahar

Project Description

Management of sewage sludge is an issue for Industry. Hydrothermal processing can be used to hydrothermally treat different kinds of sewage sludge such as primary, activated, and digested sludge and convert them into value added products such as hydrochar, biooil, aqueous phase and gas. This process will also be trialled on alum sludge and food and organic garden waste (FOGO). PFAS (Per and polyfluoro alkyl substances), another major concern of the water industry will be trialled to see if co-hydrothermal treatment can potentially degrade this emerging compound. This research will also investigate the techno commercial viability assessment of co-hydrothermal process.

PhD Thesis underway by Kamrun Nahar.