• Project No 1136
  • Project Name Application of sustainable hydrogen economy based AOP for removal of emerging contaminants
  • Lead Organisation South East Water
  • Research Lead Monash University
  • Main Researcher Xiwang Zhang
  • Completion Year 2025

Project Description

Researchers have developed an innovative photocatalytic technology which can produce H2O2 from water and air under sunlight. This technology could potential use secondary treated effluent as the raw materials for H2O2 production, which simultaneously can remove emerging contaminants. This will enable water utilities to become a key player in the emerging hydrogen economy, not only producing enough H2O2 for the water industry but also supplying to other industries, which will help Australia secure a global leading position in sustainable development.

This project is tailored collaboration between Water Research Australia industry partners and Monash University’s ARC Research Hub for Energy-efficient Separation (EESep). Researchers will test the feasibility of using secondary treated effluent for H2O2 production and design energy-passive advanced oxidation process (AOPs) based on the generated H2O2 for the removal of emerging contaminants.