Water Research Australia is delighted to announce the University of Sydney has joined the BIG Team.

The University of Sydney stands at the forefront of research excellence, fostering a dynamic environment for cutting-edge research, collaboration and innovation. Its research initiatives address crucial challenges in water-related issues such as the development of sustainable water management in relation to a varying climate and water quality management solutions in urban and rural environments. The University’s research portfolio reflects its commitment to creating positive impacts on a global scale and the translation of research outputs into measurable benefit for society.

In alignment with the University’s Impact and Strategy, the water related team at the University is partnering with WaterRA, and will be represented by Professor Willem Vervoort, Professor in Hydrology and Catchment Management and Director of the ARC Training Centre in Data Analytics for Resources and Environments (DARE). The team also includes the expertise of Professor Stuart Khan, Head of School of Civil Engineering. By joining forces with WaterRA, the University aims to leverage collective industry expertise, drive impactful research outcomes, share evidence-based solutions and contribute to sustainable water solutions and advancements that benefit society at large.

Please join us in welcoming the University of Sydney.