The deadline for abstract submissions for WaterMicro23 has been extended to 14 December.

WaterMicro23 is the world’s leading health-related water microbiology event and will explore the very latest research and practice including lessons from wastewater surveillance to best practice water and sanitation safety planning and implementation.

Building on the theme of One Health in Vienna, in 2019, the International Water Association’s 21st Symposium on Health-related Water Microbiology, will be held in Australia at the waterfront Darwin Convention Centre from 4-9 June 2023.

With a focal theme of “Water Safety for All — reflections and emerging concerns”, WaterMicro23 will run as a single-session Symposium program and will welcome 200 delegates from all around the world.

The call for papers has been extended, with an opportunity to present on all aspects of health-related water microbiology across the whole water cycle, applied and basic research on water, micro-organisms and impacts on human health.

The call for papers includes research on pathogenic bacteria, parasites and viruses, microbial indicators, modelling associated risk and microbial source tracking tools, as well as water treatment and disinfection, water reuse, recreational water, water management in disaster situations and extreme events, antimicrobial resistance, as well as water quality and infection control in health care facilities. Contributions related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are particularly welcome.

Call for abstracts is now open across the following themes:
• Indigenous knowledge and engagement for water safet
• Water safety planning – reflections and improvements
• Climate change impacts on water safety
• Pathogenomics and bioinformatics
• Realising the potential of new technologies and data analytics
• Evolution of wastewater-based surveillance
• From research to practice
• Wildcard – An abstract theme we have not listed that will keep communities safe

Submissions are now due by 14 December 2022. View submission details and download the abstract template online.