UK Water Industry Research published two reports in July which may be of interest to WaterRA members.

Report Title: Impact of dynamic system changes on customer acceptability

Companies must work to ensure that customers continue to be satisfied with their drinking water when the treated water source they normally receive is blended or substituted with another. A tool has been designed to assess the impact of dynamic system changes on customer acceptability, named the “Blend Assessment Model” and is referred to as “the tool”. This report collates the process of researching the tools requirements, creating the tool and producing the accompanying monitoring guidance document.

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Report Title: Transferring minimal excavation methods into the water industry

This report provides a comprehensive review of current and developing technologies for minimal excavation which have the potential to enable the water industry to undertake leak repairs and the associated excavation activities, safely and efficiently. Technologies were identified through global literature reviews, interviews with subject matter experts and contact with relevant companies. A workshop attended by practitioners, technology providers and water companies, provided clarity over the critical issues that need to be resolved to enable these technologies to be widely adopted in the water industry. To encourage the transfer of the identified technology a functional specification is presented which defines the requirements for the application of this technology. A route map to enable the implementation by the water industry is also presented, including a suit of core project areas that will address the key challenges to technology implementation

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