The official bid for the Scaling Green Hydrogen Cooperative Research Centre (SGH CRC), which is aiming to become the largest single initiative in Australia focused on supporting the development of the emerging green hydrogen sector, this month progressed to Stage 2.  

SGH CRC will allow our nation to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to greener alternatives, achieving crucial net-zero emission targets and protecting the planet.

Water Research Australia is working to establish a water industry consortium in the SGH CRC to ensure the sector is involved in this rapidly growing economy at an early stage, and shape it through cross-sectoral collaboration, to the benefit of the water industry, its customers and broader communities. Within the SGH CRC, the water industry consortium will aim to optimise water sources and quality, create an enabling regulatory environment, close the loop to ensure green systems, and establish and maintain social licence.

Participation via the WaterRA Water Industry Consortium of the SGH CRC will provide:

  • The opportunity to participate in Australia’s premier research and industry partnership supporting the development of green hydrogen industry.
  • Cost-effective knowledge generation through a shared investment model.
  • A strong voice for water utilities within the SGH CRC, facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration and co-design of the research program and industry outcomes.
  • Practical industry outcomes early from each of the four themes, with ongoing refinement and maturation during the lifecycle of the SGH CRC.
  • Increased employee technical and innovation capacity gained through a time-efficient project development, implementation, and knowledge transfer approach.

For further information please download the Stage 2 Business Case or to join the Water Industry Consortium, please email Research Manager Vincent Bianchini conforming your interest and indicating your proposed level of contribution in the format below.

Contribution Type Amount
Cash ($AUD) per year for full funding term (or indicated number of years committed) $
In-kind FTE per year FTE
Any other in-kind per year (e.g. use of facility) ($AUD) $