• Project No 4959
  • Project Name The impact of microbial ecology on operation of biosolids treatment trains
  • Lead Organisation South East Water
  • Research Lead RMIT University
  • Main Researcher Timothy Micallef

Status: In Progress

Focus Area: Circular Economy

National Research Priority: Circular Economy

Project Description

This project has four specific objectives: (1) To identify ways to prevent or reduce the incidence of foaming during anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge; (2) to identify the core microbiome associated with efficient digestor performance during stabilisation of sewage sludge; (3) to assess how changes in the reactor environment affect contaminant transformations; (4) to assess the impacts of biosolid post-treatments on the metabolic capacity of the microbial community, pathogen-survival, contaminant-transformations and ecotoxicology of final products.

PhD Thesis underway by Timothy Micallef.