• Project No 4981
  • Project Name Remediation techniques utilising biosolids and biochar amendments for arsenic contaminated mine waste to reduce ecotoxicity
  • Lead Organisation Water Research Australia
  • Research Lead RMIT
  • Main Researcher Julie Besedin
  • Completion Year 2027

Status: In Progress

Focus Area: Circular Economy

National Research Priority: Circular Economy

Project Description

Historic gold mining has left a legacy of toxic waste which has contaminated soils and water globally. The primary toxic substance is Arsenic and has detrimental human and ecosystem health impacts. This project aims to develop a remediation technique involving plants, biosolids/biochar to reduce toxicity, lower Arsenic concentrations and improve the microbial community. The outcome will provide a non-destructive remediation technique by utilising biological processes and can be easily applied in the field on a large scale.