• Project No 4503
  • Project Name Reducing the risk of spontaneous combustion of stockpiles of biosolids
  • Lead Organisation Melbourne Water
  • Research Lead Victoria University
  • Main Researcher Rachael Aganetti
  • Completion Year 2016

National Research Priority: Liveability

Project Description

Biosolids and other porous organic materials are susceptible to self-heating when stockpiled. This project investigated alternate methods of stockpiling of biosolids in order to minimise the risk of spontaneous combustion. This was achieved by developing a mathematical model to simulate the self-heating phenomenon observed by biosolids in conjunction with laboratory and field measurements to validate the model. The model was used to identify areas of improvement in industrial biosolids management to reduce the risk of combustion events.

PhD Thesis completed by Rachael Aganetti in May 2016.