• Project No 2013
  • Project Name New techniques for real time monitoring of membrane integrity for virus removal
  • Lead Organisation Sydney Water
  • Research Lead UNSW Sydney
  • Main Researcher Greg Leslie, Alice Antony
  • Completion Year 2015

Project Description

Ultrafiltration membranes are used to remove viruses from treated wastewater. This makes it safe for release to the environment or for recycling, but it is important to monitor integrity of the membrane to ensure there are no damaged sections that viruses can break through. This research demonstrated that a silver nanoparticle is a valid, safer alternative to using non-infectious bacteriophage viruses that are currently used to test membrane integrity. The silver nanoparticle was tested and validated in a laboratory-scale ultrafiltration membrane unit. It was concluded that work should proceed to full-scale validation and integrity-testing of ultrafiltration membranes in recycled water applications.