• Project No 1063
  • Project Name Identify and assess the water quality risks from extreme events
  • Lead Organisation Water Futures
  • Research Lead UNSW Sydney
  • Main Researcher Stuart Khan
  • Completion Year 2016

Project Description

The ADWGs include methods and strategies for calculating all types of risks to water quality but lack guidance for managing extreme weather events. This research completed a number of activities which included the collection and analysis of 10 Australian extreme weather events and listed transferrable, real-world lessons and experiences. Two hypothetical scenarios based on extreme flood, and on bushfire combined with significant rainfall, were designed then ‘managed’ by diverse water utility personnel and health regulators. This activity also generated a list of key lessons. Optimal methods for calculating short-term Exposure Trigger Values for hazardous compounds were identified. Outcomes from all the project activities were processed and collated into a practical instruction guide to support Australian water utilities in their management of extreme weather events.