• Project No 1064
  • Project Name Develop evidence-based approaches to monitor and manage chlorine & chloramine residuals
  • Lead Organisation SA Water
  • Research Lead AWQC
  • Main Researcher Chris Chow
  • Completion Year 2014

Project Description

Microscopic pathogens in drinking water pose a risk to public health. In Australia, chlorine or chloramine are used to inactivate these pathogens, to disinfect drinking water and prevent widespread outbreaks of debilitating illness in large populations. Although largely successful, problems arise when drinking water is contaminated by pathogens after being disinfected in the treatment plant but before reaching the customer. A variety of situations cause this, one being small pipe leaks which become a route for soil micro-organisms to get into drinking water. To prevent pathogen contamination in pipe networks, higher levels of disinfectants can be added at the treatment plant, or secondary disinfection can be administered in the pipe network. This research project produced a guidance manual which explains how to maintain and monitor effective disinfection levels in post-treatment pipelines, and the major challenges to maintaining effective disinfection.