• Project No 4950
  • Project Name Development of a risk-based framework for biosolids quality management
  • Lead Organisation South East Water
  • Research Lead UNSW Sydney
  • Main Researcher Marilyn Braine

Project Description

The biosolids industry in Australia has historically developed in response to the regional challenges, resources available and their markets perception and demands. This has resulted in a variety of priorities, management strategies and reuse applications currently operating nationally. To progress and take advantage of the recovered resources provided by the development of the biosolids industry a national framework providing a level field is required. The result would see the biosolids industry in an improved growth position, more effective utilisation of resources, more control over risk to health and the environment and improve our position nationally with adherence to our global responsibility targets. The mechanism to achieve these goals is estimated to be by the application of a non-prescriptive framework which has risk strategies built into progressive steps in the biosolids product development with strategies targeting specific end use.

PhD Thesis underway by Marilyn Braine.