• Project No 4949
  • Project Name The role of microbial ecology in regulating the variability of GHG and odour emisisons from biosolids
  • Lead Organisation Water Research Australia
  • Research Lead University of Western Australia
  • Main Researcher Andreas Pfeifle

Project Description

Biosolids odour impacts communities and public perception of water utilities. This project will explore how microbial community mediates variability of biosolids odour and GHG emissions using new approaches. The project aims to:
1. Develop methods to characterise microbial community structure and function with metabolomics and flow cytometry.
2. Explain the role of microbial community in regulating emissions during anaerobic incubation.
3. Investigate how the microbial community mediates emissions variability under environmental gradients.

PhD Thesis underway by Andreas Pfeifle.