• Project No 4948
  • Project Name Blending biosolids with other waste streams to optimise nutrient ratios and restore and stabilise carbon in Australian cropping soils
  • Lead Organisation Water Research Australia
  • Research Lead University of Western Australia

Project Description


Biosolids are the solid by-product of treated wastewater derived from industrial and residential sewage systems (stabilised sewage sludge). The growing production of biosolids poses a management challenge due to costly and limited stockpiling capacity, as well as negative impacts associated with improper disposal. Increasingly, the beneficial reuse of biosolids through agricultural land application is being realised, as they are a valuable source of organic matter, macronutrients and micronutrients that may support an increase in soil organic matter and reduce reliance on non-renewable fertilisers. This project aims to explore the capacity of biosolids based products to support long term carbon stabilisation mechanisms in Australian soils. Optimising the utilisation of our biosolids resource for soil amendment and agricultural fertilisation is a management strategy that will help to generate value and ameliorate growing challenges for biosolids end use.

Thesis underway.