• Project No 4515
  • Project Name Biological dynamics and solids behaviour in Anaerobic lagoons
  • Lead Organisation Melbourne Water
  • Research Lead University of Melbourne
  • Main Researcher Peter Wardop
  • Completion Year 2021

Status: Complete

Focus Area: Circular Economy

National Research Priority: Circular Economy

Project Description

This project addressed major knowledge gaps regarding biological dynamics and solids behaviour in Als which lead to development of improved operating protocols, designed for efficient, stable and low-risk operation over the long term. Guidelines contributed to  low-cost treatment for domestic and industrial wastewaters whilst enabling recovery of renewable energy to further offset treatment costs.   A novel pilot-scale anaerobic lagoon reactor with sufficient height to replicate sludge and scum stratification that occurs in full-scale ALs was designed, built and commissioned to achieve these results.

PhD Thesis completed by Peter Wardop in 2021.