The Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) has announced a five-part webinar series in collaboration with the US Environmental Protection Agency on PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances).

During this international webinar series, global experts will provide their insights into the science and innovative approaches of how to monitor, treat, and remediate PFAS compounds. The webinars will also discuss international regulatory and policy landscape dealing with PFAS in the water industry ranging from different waters to biosolids and biochar.

Kicking off on February 7, 2024, the series will delve deep into the science and strategies surrounding PFAS, with each follow-on webinar tackling another crucial aspect.

The first webinar, “PFAS Sources and Occurrence in Water,” will explore:

  • The origins and pathways of PFAS contamination in water sources;
  • Management strategies to prevent PFAS from entering drinking water and wastewater; and,
  • A global overview of PFAS regulations.

Subsequent webinars will address:

  • Disposal and destruction of PFAS in residuals, addressing challenges and knowledge gaps;
  • Analytical methods for PFAS detection, confronting the limitations of detection limits versus toxicity assessments, and exploring new analytical advancements;
  • Treatment technologies and processes for effectively removing PFAS from public water systems; and,
  • Public perception and communication challenges surrounding PFAS, equipping you with effective strategies for engagement.

This comprehensive series, delivered by renowned experts, is designed to educate and empower water professionals, policymakers, researchers, and anyone concerned about PFAS contamination. Join the presenters as they navigate the complexities of PFAS, uncover the latest scientific insights, and explore practical solutions for a safer water future.

Webinar 1: PFAS Sources and Occurrence in Water (Webinar organised by the US EPA and the Global Water Research Coalition)
Time: February 7, 2024 22h00 (10pm) Australian Eastern Time (AEDT) & 6.00 am (EST)
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Webinar 2: Disposal and Destruction of PFAS
Time: April 11, 2024 22h00 (10 pm) Australian Eastern Time (AET) & 6.00 am (EST)
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