WaterRA’s Value of Research Project was created to ensure members derive maximum value from their investment in research, and that research benefits can be realised through all aspects of a business and at all stages of a project.

Now in Phase 3, the Value of Research (Project #1118) has continued to be one of WaterRA’s flagship projects. The project has determined a successful pathway of how to best value research undertakings – including outcomes and outputs – that relies on a combination of evaluation processes and organisational culture.

The recently-released Good Practice Essentials Guide is a summary of the Good Practice Guide that was released upon completion of Phase 2. The Guide distils the fundamental elements and core principles of achieving value from research, providing easy to follow guidance and key questions that help drive and measure value creation and impact throughout the research lifecycle.

The Good Practice Essentials Guide provides a step-by-step approach to maximise the value of the research across the research value lifecycle, taking you through:

  • What the Good Practice Research Lifecycle is and its phases
  • Core concepts which maximise research value
  • Good Practices and Principles and how to apply them through easy-to-follow questions

Download Essentials Guide

Phase 3 of the project will continue with key elements of the Good Practice Essentials currently being translated into our Research Value Analyser online tool which offers organisations the ability to assess their status and progress towards achieving the value and benefits of the research they undertake and, ultimately, enable benchmarking of the water industry and its research collaborators. The beta version of this online tool is currently in development and will be released soon.

If you wish to participate in the testing of the beta version of the tool please contact WaterRA’s GM of Research Services, Jacqueline Frizenschaf.