Water Research Australia was a proud sponsor of the 13th IWA Specialist Conference on Wastewater Ponds and Algal Technologies.

Held in Melbourne from July 3rd to 6th, the event provided a forum for the international research community, water utilities and water professionals to present and discuss the latest developments in the application of pond systems to wastewater treatment and the use of algae for resource recovery and production of added value products using wastewater as the growth medium.

WaterRA CEO Karen Rouse was pleased to acknowledge the Best Poster Presentation and Best Oral Presentation award winners during the event.

Best Oral Presentation was awarded to Dr Franja Prosenc from the University of Slovenia for her presentation on Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Algae-based Treatment; and the Best Poster Presentation went to Eva Salgado from the University of Porto, Portugal for her poster on Microalgal Cultures for the Bioremediation of Urban Wastewaters in the Presence of Siloxanes.

Image middle: WaterRA CEO Karen Rouse (second from right) with Dr Franja Prosenc (right).

Image right: WaterRA CEO Karen Rouse (second from right) with Eva Salgado (right).