Last month, Water Research Australia’s Research Team conducted a series of productive Roadmaps to Research workshops with our Industry Members.

The workshops delved into existing research endeavours and strategised ways to address future challenges in the water sector.

Collaborating on topics that underpin our National Water Research Priorities for the water industry and leveraging WaterRA’s established strengths, key areas to progress were identified in the areas of circular economy (enabling, safe and sustainable) and human and environmental health (water quality, treatment and climate driven).

Focussing on industry capacity and capability, the workshops also pinpointed industry issues in workforce development including the need to have access to enhance training and skills within the water industry to effectively harness big data for fresh insights. The topic of digital utilities – enabling good decision making and investment choices when it comes to monitoring and digital investments – was a clear need here.

Over the coming months specific research gaps resulting from our workshops will be further explored in collaboration with you, our members, to ultimately translate research concepts into tangible projects that meet your needs.

WaterRA also has two new projects that members are invited to participate in:

  • Our long-standing ECHIDNA tool — Emerging Chemical Database of National Awareness — has the opportunity to be expanded internationally. Contact Jacqueline Frizenschaf for more information.
  • An approach for the “Development and Implementation of a Standard Monitoring Protocol for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions in the Urban Water Services Industry” will also be explored with the international research community. Contact Vincent Bianchini for more information.

WaterRA is excited to maximise the impact of several long running projects by applying insights gained from past research, and the Roadmaps to Research workshops and our international research connections to build a robust research pipeline for new projects in 2024 and beyond.