A WaterRA BIG Team congratulations to our Research Manager, Dr Arash Zamyadi, for successfully completing The Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust Science to Policy Leadership Program.

Arash was selected to participate in this prestigious program, designed to create long-term impact and change for Australia’s water and environment managers, by enhancing their opportunities to take up leadership roles and proactively contribute to a sustainable world.

The program saw 17 water leaders given the task to “describe the nature of water policy development from a systems perspective and highlight the leadership actions that make for successful policy development and implementation”.

As a group they recognised that Australian water policy has been developed within the confines of western ideology and chose to challenge the task, and challenge themselves to better understand how, as leaders, they can work to bring traditional knowledge into the process of policy development and caring for water and country.

Beyond the program, the group has committed to walking with and for Traditional Owners, to find the courage to pursue opportunities that contribute to their purpose, and influence change.

Congratulations to Arash and all participants for completing the rewarding experience.