The First National Workshop was held on 12-13 August 2009 inParramatta, NSW

This National cyanobacteria workshop was hosted by the Office of Water, NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water in association NSW Health, the Sydney Catchment Authority and Water Quality Research Australia.

Attending the workshop were people involved in the management of public health, water resources and water supplies, and core cyanobacterial research.

The workshop was organised by Dr Lee Bowling, Principal Limnologist/State Algal Coordinator Office of Water,NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water, together with an organising committee comprising:

  • Dr Bala Vigneswaran – Sydney Catchment Authority
  • Dr Yoshi Kobayashi – Scientific Services Division, NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water
  • Dr Sandy Leask – NSW Health
  • Dr Michele Akeroyd – Water Quality Research Australia

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David Harriss: Opening address

Brett Neilan: Keynote address – Quantitative molecular, morphological and analytical assessment of blue-green algae bloom events in water

Bala Vigneswaran: Cyanobacterial bloom in Warragamba Dam in 2007

Mick Bales: The Warragamba Dam blue-green algae action plan

Chester Merrick: The Murray River cyanobacterial bloom in autumn 2009 – monitoring results and implications

Louisa Davis: State report: Blue-green algae management in Victoria

Greg Smith: The Victorian response to the 2009 Murray River algal bloom

Karen Stacey: All hands on deck!

Stephanie Fulton: Cyanobacterial blooms in Tasmania

Glenn McGregor: Cyanobacteria: their impact on Queensland’s water security and aquatic systems

Malcolm Robb: Cyanobacteria as blooms in the West

Thorsten Mosisch: SA Water’s drought monitoring of the River Murray – early detection of potential issues affecting water quality

Simon Townsend: Cyanobacterial blooms in Northern Territory inland waters

Ian Stewart: Closure of recreational lakes because of toxic cyanobacteria: risk communication, risk perception, enforcement and economic impacts

Christine Hill: Determining an economic value for reduced incidence of blue green algal events in the Barwon Darling river system

Paul Hackney: A review of some methods to manage cyanobacterial blooms in drinking water reservoirs

Lee Bowling: Preliminary results of investigations into in-situ fluorometry and biovolume as management tools

David Fotheringham: Techniques for in-site measurements using Fluorometry

Tim Malthus: Quantitative remote sensing for detection and monitoring of cyanobacterial blooms

Nagur Cherukuru: Monitoring and management of cyanobacterial blooms in estuarine and coastal waters: An earth observation based assimilation approach

David Waite: Impact of iron species transformations on growth and toxicity of cyanobacterial Microcystis species

Yoshi Kobayashi: Downstream fate of cyanobacteria and other phytoplankton following discharge from a dam

Andrew Humpage: Assessment of rapid assays for cyanotoxins

Jamal Al Tebrineh: Multiplex quantitative-PCR determination of toxic cyanobacteria in environmental samples

Barbara Sendall: Identification, detection and characterisation of cyanobacteria using traditional and DNA-based methods

Larelle Fabbro: Toxins that may not be readily detected by traditional methods

Rita Henderson: Zeta potential: a tool for the successful control of coagulation and removal of Microcystis aeruginosa in water treatment plants

Felicity Roddick: Microcystis aeruginosa blooms in wastewater: managing microfiltration performance

Lionel Ho: Biological degradation of cyanobacterial toxins

Daniel Hoefel: Biofiltration of cyanobacterial metabolites MIB and geosmin as a viable water treatment option

Steven Giglio: Isolation and characterisation of the gene associated with geosmin production in cyanobacteria

Bruce Gray: Revision of the Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality 2000 and the Australian Guidelines for Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting 2000

Gayle Newcombe: The development of practical guidance manuals for the management of cyanobacteria

Ian Falconer: Risk and regulation in environmental toxicology, application to cyanobacterial toxins