What we do

Leading source of water wisdom for healthy communities and a healthy planet

For more than a decade Water Research Australia (WaterRA) has been delivering collaborative water research, innovation and capability building that supports public health and safeguards the sustainability of our water resources.

A leading hub for collaboration and innovation on scientific water issues, WaterRA is a national, independent and profit-for-purpose organisation that is member-driven and funded.

We bring together experts in industry, government, regulation, consultancy and research to accurately identify, create, manage, share and translate evidence-based solutions to current and emerging issues in water.

Through our members, WaterRA defines research gaps, develops and delivers research programs and projects with readily adopted outputs, providing evidence to underpin decision-making and our build national water sector capability. WaterRA has a focus on ensuring that value is achieved for members at every stage of the research value-cycle.

Our objectives

Catalysing Value from Research

  • Co-design and deliver with our BIG team, high quality research that is trusted, timely, aligned to sector priorities and ready for adoption
  • Drive and measure value creation at every step of the research life-cycle from ideation to innovation and impact
  • Stimulate and facilitate game-changing research based on foresight and novel and innovative approaches

Strengthening our BIG Team

  • Grow both membership participation and breadth so we have the capacity and capability to anticipate and address our sector’s evolving challenges and opportunities
  • Forge strong and diverse networks, and enable engagement between researchers and industry, so that the BIG team is united by trust and common purpose
  • Nurture our staff and create a high performing BIG team through empowerment, inclusivity, skills development, career opportunities, and a focus on wellbeing

Enduring and Thriving in a Dynamic World

  • Ensure our business model is attractive and has flexibility to meet evolving member needs
  • Refine our business processes and platforms, ensuring they are fit-for-future, user-friendly and member-accessible.
  • Diversify our revenue base in order to increase our financial sustainability and enhance members’ leverage of their investment