Cheryl Bertelkamp

Research Manager (Melbourne)

  • Quals:
    BSc, MSc CivEng, PhD (CivEng & BioSciEng)

Following the successful completion of her PhD, Cheryl embarked on her professional journey as a Scientific Researcher at KWR Watercycle Research Institute in The Netherlands. At KWR she significantly expanded her expertise in the realm of water research, fostering extensive collaborations with drinking water companies and universities. In 2021, Cheryl transitioned to a position at Waternet (the water utility of Amsterdam) where she was mainly involved in increasing the drinking water treatment plant’s capacity. Cheryl played an active role in investigating alternative sources, evaluating various treatment technologies, and conducting pilot plant research to improve the overall design and performance.

In her position as Research Manager at Water Research Australia, Cheryl brings technological knowledge as well as enthusiasm and curiosity, to contribute to a wide array of projects. Cheryl’s passion for bringing together professionals from diverse disciplines and environments, including universities, industry, research institutes, and utilities, has consistently fuelled her efforts to tackle complex water challenges.