Dr Marty Hancock

Research Manager (Northern NSW)

  • Quals:
    PhD (Environmental Science), Grad Dip BA, BEd (Biology, Chemistry)

Marty has over 25 years experience in the water and education sectors. In his role as Research Manager within the Research Services team, he brings a wealth of knowledge in water, wastewater and recycled water processes, catchment management and water quality management systems. For the past 12 years he has led an operations team for a local government utility. During this time Marty has had a particular focus on water quality assurance and treatment process optimisation. He has published and presented on the developing Health Based Targets and treatment process validation. He has also combined his educational experience with the industry need for highly qualified and experienced operators and has been instrumental in developing operator resources and training operators for the water industry. Marty is an experienced science communicator and has shared his water industry experience through forums, conferences and technical training.