• Project No 1074
  • Project Name Water Treatment Optimisation Manual
  • Lead Organisation Coliban Water
  • Research Lead Water Research Australia
  • Main Researcher Peter Mosse, Bruce Murray
  • Completion Year 2015

Project Description

The ADWG prioritises the removal of microscopic pathogens (and the toxins some produce) from public drinking water supplies to prevent large scale outbreaks of illness. This principle underlies the importance of adhering to consistently high standards of water treatment plant (WTP) operation and maintenance. This Guide refers primarily to the conventional WTP processes of chemical pre-treatment, coagulation, flocculation, clarification, filtration and disinfection; and establishes target criteria and critical limits for each step in the treatment process. The Guide is designed to provide water utility managers and operations staff with a concise reference document to optimising the WTP processes that produce microbially-safe drinking water and additionally supports the establishment of microbial Health-based targets.