• Project No 4553
  • Project Name Scalable approaches for microbial treatment in manufactured water
  • Lead Organisation Melbourne Water
  • Research Lead Monash University
  • Main Researcher Ortal Raikhlin
  • Completion Year 2027

Project Description

This project will:

  • Conduct a critical review of scalable algal control methods within wastewater lagoons, drinking water reservoirs, and constructed water bodies.
  • Assess the efficacy and feasibility of, and best practices for, algal control methods and Hydrogen Peroxide dosing based on laboratory scale testing followed by pilot scale. Trialling will also compare differences between dosing from a granular and aqueous feedstock.
  • Assess the scalability of the trialled method/s from pilot to full scale implementation.
  • Assess the impact of the trialled method/s on the broader water ecosystem.

This project will provide additional insights including Hydrogen Peroxide decomposition rates, appropriate dosing quantities/ratios, resulting cyanotoxin release, and impacts on microbiota diversity. Sampling will target surface scums and water residing above the sludge/sediment layer. The initial (1st-2nd year) phase of the trial will investigate oxidation efficacy within lab-based testing, while subsequent phases will trial pilot scale oxidation.