• Project No 1153
  • Project Name Scalable and environmentally sensitive algae management tech: H2O2 dosing
  • Lead Organisation Melbourne Water
  • Research Lead Monash University
  • Main Researcher Dr Arash Zamyadi
  • Completion Year 2025

Status: In Progress

National Research Priority: Supply Optimisation

Project Description

An experimental plan for assessing the feasibility of a larger hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) dosing trial at Melbourne Water’s Western Treatment Plant (WTP) treated effluent lagoons. A report was previously supplied to Melbourne Water in which oxidation options for WTP were evaluated using a Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis which identified H2O2 as the most appropriated oxidant.

 The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of H2O2 as an algaecide for the control of cyanobacteria within a managed water body. The feasibility of this treatment approach will be determined chiefly by the ability for peroxide to effectively reduce microbial activity, and the quantities required for effective treatment. This trial will provide additional insights including H2O2 decomposition rates, appropriate dosing quantities/ratios, resulting cyanotoxin release, and impacts on microbiota diversity. Sampling will target surface scums and water residing above the sludge/sediment layer. The initial phase of the trial will investigate oxidation efficacy within lab-based testing, while subsequent phases (to be planned in future projects) will trial pilot scale oxidation.