• Project No 4034
  • Project Name PCR Markers for Cryptosporidium oocyst infectivity and genotype
  • Lead Organisation AWQC
  • Research Lead Flinders University
  • Main Researcher Michael A. Webber
  • Completion Year 2011

Project Description

This project Identified the promising biomarkers shown to be capable for distinguishing between infectious and non-infectious Cryptosporidium oocysts as well as identify species that can/cannot infect humans. A select few candidates were developed into a new PCR based assay capable of identifying a single infective oocyst as well as simultaneously determine the oocyst species/genotype with a rapid turnaround time between 6-8 hrs of oocyst sample receipt (i.e. same day reporting).

Honours Thesis completed by Michael A. Webber in November 2011.