• Project No 4984
  • Project Name Nitrous oxide emissions from biosolids stockpiles: Mitigation, evaluation, and mechanisms
  • Lead Organisation Water Corporation
  • Research Lead University of Western Australia
  • Main Researcher Tianyi Chu
  • Completion Year 2026

Project Description

As one of the strongest kinds of greenhouse gases, nitrous oxide (N²O) emissions occupy a significant amount of biosolids management, especially regarding biosolids stockpiles, causing risks globally. Stockpiling is still one of the major biosolids management measures in Australia. Researchers have found that N²O dominates the GHGs emission during stockpiling, especially in fresh biosolids.

While there is plenty of research on moderating N²O emissions from wastewater treatment and sludge management, it is limited on biosolids stockpiling. This project will work to determine the stockpiling physical conditions that influence the release of N²O from biosolids, develop a predictive model for the estimation of N²O production using a new rapid detection flow cytometry (FCM)-based approach technique, and identify the microbial communities responsible for N²O production during biosolids stockpiling and provide recommendations on its management.