• Project No 1146
  • Project Name Characterising the drivers of cyanotoxin production to embed into a cyanobacteria risk management framework
  • Lead Organisation WaterNSW
  • Research Lead CSIRO
  • Main Researcher David Beale
  • Completion Year 2024

Project Description

Several cyanobacteria species are well known for their potential to produce cyanotoxins. However, not all genotypes of known toxin producing species produce cyanotoxins and of these there is significant variation in the spatial and temporal dynamics of toxin production. The water industry currently relies of observational measurement of the presence of ‘potentially toxic species’, toxin gene and toxin presence to inform management of cyanobacteria blooms in water supply storages. Predictive tools and preventative management are limited by a lack of simple environmental predictors to predict toxin production events. Understanding the drivers for toxin production that inform risk management frameworks would be of great benefit to water supply managers and to inform alternate management options. These tools would enable better responses to bloom events and allowing for the establishment of pre-emptive measures to minimize cyanotoxin production by targeted manipulation of environmental drivers.