Open RFFs


Water Research Australia is a leader in collaborative water solutions through high-impact research. This page details current opportunities for members to commit funding for specific research issues.

The process is a two-step process:
Step 1

Request for Funding (funding commitments are contracted through WaterRA) – funders are not automatically granted the research component, this is tendered (see below).

Step 2

Request for Proposals – tenders from research and consultant members to undertake the research component (all applications are assessed and ranked by the Project Selection Committee (PSC), and offers will be made accordingly). Please note, unsolicited research proposals submitted to WaterRA will not be considered. Proposals will be assessed by the PSC using this Selection Criteria in addition to how well the proposal addressed the request.

Having multiple partners involved shares the cost and increases the depth of research uptake. To commit funding, or to submit a tender to any of the projects when they become available, please review the details and contact the nominated project leader.