Roadmaps to Research

Join our Roadmaps to Research workshop series to transform our water research roadmaps into comprehensive research programs.

Last year we mapped your research priorities and goals against the Australian Urban Water Industry Research Priorities Agenda to create research roadmaps for Australian utilities, launched at Next Water’23 in February.

Now it’s time to take a deeper dive to prioritise research activities and develop comprehensive research programs through our Roadmaps to Research event series.

This series will consist of six interactive workshops of two hours each, delivered over a period of three weeks during October. Each workshop will be facilitated by a WaterRA Research Manager and explore your research needs to ensure they are included in our future collaborative research initiatives.

Explore more information about the six interactive workshops below. You are welcome to participate in as many workshops as you like.

Supply Optimisation Workshop 1

Alternative water sources for drinking water supply

Exploring challenges and opportunities around the use of alternative water sources including: purified recycled water, stormwater, desalination.

Monday, 16th October | 1-3pm AEDT

Circular Economy Workshop

Closing the loop on resource generation & use

Exploring work required to close the loop on resource generation and use: path to net-zero emissions, green supply chains, resource recovery and the water-energy nexus.

Wednesday, 25th October | 1-3pm AEDT

Service Delivery - Workshop 1

Data smart technologies and IoT

Exploring innovative monitoring and delivery approaches, underpinned by data smart technologies and Internet of Things.

Monday, 23rd October | 1-3pm AEDT

Supply Optimisation Workshop 2

Networks and Treatment - Water Quality

Exploring water quality challenges and mitigation opportunities in the networks and treatment systems of our drinking water supplies and waste (resource) water supplies.

Wednesday, 18th October | 1-3pm AEDT

Liveability Workshop

Natural and built assets to enhance liveability

Exploring transformations and co-benefits on utility owned or managed land, use of public infrastructure to enhance liveability and community use of water.

Monday, 30th October | 1-3pm AEDT

Service Delivery - Workshop 2

Community resilience in the face of extreme events

Exploring how to work towards climate resilience in our raw water sources and how to make water treatment assets become more resilient against floods, fires and sea level rises.

Tuesday, 31st October | 1-3pm AEDT

Why participate?
• Maximise your membership by collaborating with water organisations to prioritise research and leverage funding
• Workshop project ideas that can address your needs through collaborative research
• Develop and review, with your industry peers, research gaps and needs into the future
• Develop comprehensive research programs with tangible research outcomes

The Roadmaps to Research workshop series is for WaterRA utility, council, health department and regulator members only. Not sure if your organisation is a member? Check our member listing here.

Please note registrations will not be accepted on the day of the workshop.