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The Value of Research Project

Don’t settle for the tip of the iceberg.

WaterRA is dedicated to ensuring the safety, security and sustainability of our most vital resource.

Our collaborative research efforts translate to realworld solutions for the water industry, so generations of Australians can thrive now and in the future.

Realise all the benefits of your research investment.

Today, research needs to deliver clear, demonstrable impact - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

At WaterRA we drive real impact through collaboration and believe there’s more value to be gained from research. We want our members to secure that value and ensure their investment benefits all aspects of their business, keeping customers’ needs at the forefront.

This has driven the creation of the Value of Research Project.

An initiative of WaterRA, the Value of Research Project will enable water utilities to derive the maximum value from their research activities through the development of:


A Research Value Framework - quality guidelines to maximising value from research projects’ above Value Metrics
Value Metrics - a toolbox of ways to assess tangible and intangible impacts and value
Training and Change Management - resources measuring impact and value

Get involved

Contact our Senior Research Manager Claire McInnes for further information on how you can realise all the benefits of your research investment.