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Policies & Forms


RES POL 01 V2 Application Process for research funding
RES POL 02 Project Review Team - Terms of Reference
RES POL 04 Project Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference
RES POL 06 V2 Research Member In Kind Contribution Guidelines
RES POL 07 V1 Community of Interest Terms of Reference
RES POL 08 V1 Intellectual Property - Ownership, Licensing and Assignment




RES PRO 01 NCGS Projects (under review)
RES PRO 02 Partnership/Collaborative Projects (under review)
RES PRO 03 Appeals Process (under review)



RES INS 02 Project Selection Criteria (under review)
RES INS 03 Response to Request for Proposal Assessment Criteria


* Following changes to how WaterRA generates projects, a number of Policies and Procedures are currently under review.  If you have any queries please contact Chief Research Services Officer - Ian Overton to discuss (08) 7424 2204.