Water Operations Technical Competency Benchmark

Water Operations Technical Competency Benchmark

This project proposes to bring industry and regulators together, to develop minimum standards for technical competency that facilitates a more consistent approach towards technical competency and the implementation of Learning and Development (L&D) programs for frontline water industry operations.


The project will:

  1. Develop a nationally recognised technical competency benchmark that includes the alignment of training to roles and responsibilities and the water quality risks managed.
  2. Benchmark to include technical competencies from Catchment to Consumer consistent with the ADWG and AGWR aproach.
  3. Benchamrk to be sufficiently flexible so that it can be implemented effectively regardless of location or size of the water utility, including remote communities.
  4. Integrate accredited training and certification into the guideance including minimum competency requirements.

WaterRA Contact

Dr Marty Hancock

Amount being sought


Due Date

15th Dec, 2022