Granular Media Filtration Validation Protocol

Granular Media Filtration Validation Protocol

The effectiveness of Granular Media Filtration in removing pathogens is not typically validated. This project will investigate the actual LRV performance of media filters through the development of a validation protocol.


The water Recycling Centre of Excellence developed a template for developing validation protocols for treatment processes. The protocol development template is to be used to develop a validation protocol for granular media filtration. This can then be used by industry to understand the LRV performance of their filtration. This will inform designers and operators of granular media filtration and provide increased assurance of filtration performance.


  1. Develop a validation protocol for media filtration using the template developed by the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence
  2. Outline a process for conducting a trial of the protocol in a water, recycled water or a pilot treatment plant. (A Stage 2 project is intended to deliver the trial)

WaterRA Contact

Dr Marty Hancock

Amount being sought

$80,000 - $100,000

Due Date

15th Dec, 2021