Augmenting water bodies with highly treated recycled water

Augmenting water bodies with highly treated recycled water

To improve water security, drought and environmental resilience of our water bodies many utilities and governments are exploring ways to augment natural systems with Highly Treated Recycled Water (HTRW).


These can be used to improve environmental flows, secure yields (including Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR)) and enhance environmental outcomes, including recreational access use of river systems, for urban cooling and liveability benefits.

This research will aim to understand the holistic short-term and cumulative long-term effects (positive and negative) and interactions arising from augumenting natural water bodies with HTRW. This includes HTRW for IPR, replacement flows and waterway health improvement options driven by human health and environmental requirements.

Currently the water industry has some knowledge, including best practice guidelines and frameworks around indirect augmentation of natural water systems. However there are no established standards for indirect augumentation as systems vary. There are also knowledge gaps for both short and long-term ecological impacts of releasing HTRW. This includes the potential impacts of releasing into pristine environments, as well as benefits of releasing into more heavily disturbed (i.e. urban) environments.

More information can be found in the project brief which is available for download below.

WaterRA Contact

Marlene Hsu

Amount being sought

$200k funding over 2 years | $20-40K per member

Due Date

30th Nov, 2021