Assigning and maintaining appropriate pathogen LRVs in MBRs

Assigning and maintaining appropriate pathogen LRVs in MBRs

Traditionally, Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Validation is focussed on performance during commissioning when membranes are new, and the range of operating conditions are limited.


As membranes age it is important to understand how MBR performance changes to have confidence in the quality of the water produced. Gathering data on the relationships between operational monitoring parameters such as turbidity and pathogen removal during the life of membranes would assist operators to understand the ongoing performance of membranes compared with initial performance.

This research proposes to collect and review performance data from a broad range of operating MBR facilities in Australia to understand the pathogen log reduction values (LRV) performance in relation to operating conditions and monitoring parameters. Importantly a range of membrane age, integrity, performance, and control will be targeted. This information will be used to inform recommendations for improved guidance for MBR validation and claiming pathogen LRVs. 

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14th Jan, 2022