Assigning and maintaining appropriate pathogen LRVs in MBRs

Assigning and maintaining appropriate pathogen LRVs in MBRs

Traditionally, Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Validation is focussed on performance during commissioning when membranes are new, and the range of operating conditions are limited.


As membranes age it is important to understand how MBR performance changes to have confidence in the quality of the water produced. Gathering data on the relationships between operational monitoring parameters such as turbidity and pathogen removal during the life of membranes would assist operators to understand the ongoing performance of membranes compared with initial performance.

This project will:

  1. Review the literature to understand the relationship between operational monitoring parameters and actual membrane pathogen removal efficiency.
  2. Understand and integrate with the current activities in North America focussed on LRV’s and operating conditions in MBRs.
  3. Collect data from a wide range of MBR facilities in Australia. This would include operational parameter trends to correspond with direct measurement of pathogen removal (LRV).
  4. Analyse this data to understand the performance of MBRs particularly as membranes age.
  5. Make recommendations on improvements to the WaterVal MBR protocol. 
  6. Provide information to participants on how their MBR’s are performing against group data.

WaterRA Contact

Dr Marty Hancock

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Due Date

30th Sep, 2021