Water in Northern Australia (WiNA) CRC opportunity

Water in Northern Australia (WiNA) CRC opportunity

Here is an opportunity to “Pick a WiNA” and become a partner in a CRC bid without having to fund the full partnership amount for the full 10 years.


Water Research Australia have partnered with the WiNA CRC to give our members an opportunity to co-fund, co-partner, and therefore leverage funds, with us on this significant research. We are seeking $5k commitment per year (for 10 years) or $10k commitment per year (for 5 years) to be a part of this outstanding leveraging opportunity. The CRC is designed to support sustainable development in Northern Australia by building new opportunities for developing and managing shared water resources.

This is a unique opportunity to be a part of a cross-sector collaboration bringing together Indigenous, mining, agricultural, government and research organisations to develop appropriate research, technology, tools, and improve planning and governance to reach consensus on shared water development.

This CRC and all partners agree that a new way of doing business is required, learning from existing experiences where water management is now contentious and fractious.

First Nations of the North are leading a growing land management sector that includes Indigenous community-based ranger groups and Indigenous Protected Areas. Sustainable industries require this investment to strengthen our First Nations’, and support a shift from poverty to wealth creation in order to ‘Close the Gap’ and to improve holistic health and economic wellbeing outcomes. Water is a critically important enabler of healthy individuals, cultures and communities across Australia.

WaterRA  is proud to support our members, on their journey toward Reconciliation Action and meaningful First Nations participation. We are supporting the program through First Nations’ Industry Impact Scholarships to add value to the Indigenous researchers and students undertaking work on this CRC.

The CRC will be a collaborative research effort of over $100Million that is deliberately designed to be Indigenous led. Research will concentrate on four key programs to achieve both scale and focus.

The four programs are:

  1. Indigenous led water solutions
  2. Water for sustainable economic development
  3. Water technologies and services for the North
  4. Indigenous led water education

WaterRA Contact

Dr Kelly Hill

Amount being sought

$5k per year (for 10 years) or $10k per year (for 5 years)

Due Date

30th Sep, 2020