IoT Water Research Hub

IoT Water Research Hub

An IoT system of real time monitoring and control to deliver our water future, increasing diversity of water sources, enhancing our ecosystems and engaging our community.


In the Australian context of increasing urbanisation, a changing climate and population growth, a sustainable water future can only be met by connecting and integrating all types of water. The keys to this connection and integration of all types of water, and maintaining infrastructure for the long term, are low cost sensors, IoT systems, remote monitoring, advanced data science and remote autonomous control systems. A connected water system will extract efficiencies from our existing water assets, improve their management and transform our future designs to safeguard our water supplies and protect our ecosystems.

The overall objective is to establish an innovation and collaborative research Hub including researchers, developers, utilities, and the supply chain that will leverage IoT systems to connect waterways, drinking water, stormwater and wastewater systems, to create water resource solutions, provide the supporting science, pilot and demonstrate what’s possible, and build capacity within the industry to adopt the solutions.

The IoT Water Research Hub will focus on delivering outcomes based on the following ‘Technology’ and ‘Adoption Enabler’ themes:

  • Sensing Technologies – Low-cost, low-maintenance, low-power, water-sensing technologies.
  • Data Management – Data, analytics, networks, and cyber-security.
  • Control Technologies – Real-time control philosophies and smart algorithms to improve treatment, resilience and environment.
  • Governance & Standards – Planning, shared risk, integration, standards, regulation.
  • Economic Models & Business Cases – Whole-of-lifecycle costs and benefits of IoT water networks.
  • Community Trust & Involvement – Delivering connected customers and citizens, building trust and social sustainability, integrating citizen science.

To join the Hub please contact Dr Arash Zamyadi or for further information download the Project Description form below.


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Dr Arash Zamyadi

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26th Mar, 2021