Value of Operator Competency Phase 2

Value of Operator Competency Phase 2

The Value of Operator Competency (Project 1111), was a WaterRA member-funded initiative to communicate the value and benefits of an appropriately trained and competent frontline operator workforce.


A key finding from the final Project 1111 Report was: ’The current governance approach to technical competency in the Australian water industry does not guarantee the implementation of L&D programs, that deliver the necessary competency required to undertake frontline operator roles.’

Recommendations for further work from the project included:

  • Recommendation 1: Regulators review frontline operator training and competency provision, using agreed minimum competency benchmarks.
  • Recommendation 2: Targeted communication campaign to improve understanding of frontline operator competency requirements across the industry.

This project proposes to bring industry and regulators together, to develop a set of tools that facilitates a more consistent approach towards evaluation and implementation of technical competency and L&D frameworks for frontline water industry operations.

WaterRA Contact

Dr Marty Hancock | Research Manager 

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Due Date

31st Dec, 2020